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The Numbers

Posted 30 juillet 2012, 10:09 , by Conference Secretariat

Here are the final numbers for AIDS 2012:

  • 23,767 participants, including: 
    • 17,066 delegates
    • 1,904 media delegates
    • 12,042 participants from the U.S.
    • 851 scholarship recipients
    • 991 volunteers 
  • 183 countries represented
  • 12,433 abstracts submitted, 3,837 abstracts accepted (including late breakers)
  • 194 sessions (84 non-abstract driven sessions, 60 workshops, 110 abstract-driven sessions)
  • 19 plenary speeches 
  • 14 special sessions
  • 265 Global Village activities
  • 210 exhibits
  • 185 satellite meetings
  • 9 scientific prizes and awards
  • 85,608 #AIDS2012 tweets (Sunday, 22 July – Friday, 27 July)
  • 14,475 downloads of the AIDS 2012 mobile app
  • 77,945 visits to  (Sunday, 22 July – Friday, 27 July)
  • US$27 000 in carbon offsets


Key Correspondents (KC) of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance are getting ready for AIDS 2012

Posted 07 mai 2012, 10:59 , by Guest

By Hester Phillips, Programme Support Officer for the KC team. The KC team is an independent network, supported by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. The Alliance provides long distance mentoring for KCs plus training and reporting opportunities. It also provides international platforms to showcase KC work.

Hearing voices from the communities most affected by HIV is crucial to the global response to the epidemic. And as 25,000 delegates plan to attend AIDS 2012 in July, the Key Correspondents, a team of citizen journalists supported by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, are getting ready to give their perspective on proceedings.

The KC team is a global network of community-based writers from around 50 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. A large number of KCs are people living with or affected by HIV. All are volunteers and include those working in advocacy, media, health and development. More...

Geneva 2012 on the way to AIDS 2012?

Posted 26 mars 2012, 08:47 , by Guest

By Eric Fleutelot, Deputy CEO, International, Sidaction

From March 25th-28th, Geneva will host the 6th Francophone Conference on HIV-AIDS:

It is estimated, according to the WHO, that 4 million of people live with HIV in francophone countries. Most of them, of course, live in West and Central Africa. The fight against HIV in French-speaking countries is very dynamic, but it’s a fact that the ART coverage rate in those countries are, in average, lower than in other parts of Africa, and there are a lot of disparities, between Rwanda with a coverage rate of 80% and the République Démocratique du Congo with only 12%. More...