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The Numbers

Posted 30 July 2012, 10:09 A, by Conference Secretariat

Here are the final numbers for AIDS 2012:

  • 23,767 participants, including: 
    • 17,066 delegates
    • 1,904 media delegates
    • 12,042 participants from the U.S.
    • 851 scholarship recipients
    • 991 volunteers 
  • 183 countries represented
  • 12,433 abstracts submitted, 3,837 abstracts accepted (including late breakers)
  • 194 sessions (84 non-abstract driven sessions, 60 workshops, 110 abstract-driven sessions)
  • 19 plenary speeches 
  • 14 special sessions
  • 265 Global Village activities
  • 210 exhibits
  • 185 satellite meetings
  • 9 scientific prizes and awards
  • 85,608 #AIDS2012 tweets (Sunday, 22 July – Friday, 27 July)
  • 14,475 downloads of the AIDS 2012 mobile app
  • 77,945 visits to  (Sunday, 22 July – Friday, 27 July)
  • US$27 000 in carbon offsets


How ICASA 2011 and AIDS 2012 can signpost the way to zero new HIV infections

Posted 01 December 2011, 09:22 P, by Elly Katabira, IAS President

From the early days of the HIV epidemic, the unique nature of the International AIDS Conference and its power to mobilize governments, scientists and the international media, while bringing hope and support to people living with HIV, has played a crucial role in shaping the course of HIV and AIDS.

Looking back, the International AIDS Conferences are signposts in the history of the epidemic, showing us not only where we went, but where we should have gone. Since the very first International AIDS Conference in Atlanta in 1985, when the scientists and public health officials grappling with how to respond to the emerging HIV epidemic gathered together to present an overview of knowledge about the disease, the conference has provided the platform needed to effectively respond to the pressing scientific, economic, social and political contexts of the day. More...