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Red Ribbon Awards Recognize Community Leadership

Posted 26 juillet 2012, 12:05 , by Guest

By Yahir Zavaleta, HIV Programme Director, Espolea

When we were first informed of the selection of Espolea as a recipient of the Red Ribbon Award (RRA), we were jumping up and down with excitement. We then realized the many young people that we still need to impact and all those that we haven’t reached out to just yet. We thought of the unfinished activities, the passionate discussions with other organizations and policy makers, and the never sufficient workshops with peers. We were happy but also realized the long path that still lies before us.

As every two years, UNAIDS (UN Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS) and other partners, recognize outstanding community leadership and actions in the response to HIV and AIDS. This year, Espolea has the honor of standing between nine other organizations including The Help (Myanmar), Foundation SEROvie (Haiti), Afraye Sabz Association (Iran), Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (Kenya), Positive Women’s Network (Sri Lanka), Patients in Control (Russia), Delhi Network of Positive People (India), Giramatsiko Post Test Club (Uganda), and the Global Youth Coalition against AIDS (Egypt). More...