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Volunteering for the International AIDS Conference

Posted 24 mai 2012, 07:53 , by Guest

By John Von Dadelszen, Volunteer Coordinator at AIDS 2010

I was fortunate to be selected as a volunteer coordinator at AIDS 2010 in Vienna, Austria, where I was assigned to the Registration Area and the Global Village. Thanks to the vital work of volunteers, over 17,000 delegates and media representatives passed through the registration area, while in the Global Village members of the public, hosted groups and organizations gathered from around the world.

The first job that volunteers undertook was the preparation of conference bags for delegates, a task that involved a huge human chain production line. As volunteers dutifully arrived for the first shift, what was apparent was the selflessness determination that every individual displayed in undertaking what was not a particularly glamorous job. Before long, the sun was high and the temperature approached 30⁰C. More...