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Clinical Care Options, LLC (CCO) for the 7th year official media partner of the International AIDS Society

Posted 04 juin 2012, 11:17 , by Guest

By Ed King, VP, Editorial, Clinical Care Options and Kate Evans, Senior Director of Program Development, Clinical Care Options

Clinical Care Options, LLC (CCO) is the leading provider of HIV professional education worldwide, with an active and continually growing membership that includes healthcare professionals from over 200 countries. The company specializes in developing the highest-quality independent interactive medical education programs, which are free to participants, in order to help HIV treaters apply best evidence-based practices for their patients.

2012 marks CCO’s 7th year as the exclusive official partner of the International AIDS Society for online scientific analysis of the annual meeting. As the International AIDS Conference returns to the US for the first time in over two decades, we find ourselves in the midst of rapid changes in the field. By posting Capsule Summaries of key data shortly after their presentation and providing clinicians with downloadable conference highlights slides and commentary by world-renowned experts, our goals are to extend the reach of the key conference data, and also to put those data in clinical context so that healthcare professionals can answer the enduring question, “…So what should I do for my patients now?”

Our coverage of the annual IAS conference is one of our most popular programs each year, with thousands of members from around the world utilizing the content. The capsule summaries help users identify the most important studies at a glance, as selected by international experts, and then to efficiently access the details of each study. The slides provide a concise way to assimilate the key data and also provide a resource that participants can use to educate colleagues, patients, peers, and policymakers regarding the advances presented at the conference. Finally, the faculty commentary helps elucidate the clinical implications, placing the data in context and providing guidance on how to integrate them into daily practice patterns.

CCO has developed unique educational models and proprietary technology in order to provide busy clinicians with core tools and resources, as well as engaging programs such as Interactive Case Challenges that use branched logic to allow participants to explore the potential outcomes of different management decisions. One of our cornerstone programs is the revolutionary, free point-of-care resource inPractice™, which was launched in HIV and oncology in 2009, and in hepatitis in late 2011. The highly successful platform is now used by healthcare professionals worldwide, both online and via mobile apps, to find rapid answers to management questions at the point of care and improve patient outcomes.

inPractice™ HIV is built upon a comprehensive, continually updated, and fully searchable CME-certified textbook, as well as several integrated databases (PubMed, drug reference database, practice guidelines,, conference coverage, and related CME programs), all of which are searched simultaneously with a single click. The program offers a unique approach to continuing medical education by allowing users to engage in self-directed, personalized learning using best-in-class content and easily delve deeper into their areas of specific interest. The following are some of the different ways the program can be used, either online or using one of several mobile apps:

  • Review the textbook as a stand-alone curriculum that contains integrated links to related material (our HIV textbook contains 42 chapters that were developed in collaboration with more than 60 expert faculty)
  • Rapidly find answers to management questions at the point of care via one-click intelligent search
  • Explore topics of interest in a self-guided fashion, following inPractice linkages to related textbook chapters, drug database information, information on clinical trials, related CME programs, and more
  • Share specific pages with colleagues
  • Bookmark pages to re-visit later
  • Claim and manage point-of-care CME credit

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18.07.2012 07:51:38 #

Roy Kilpatrick

I won't be at the Conference in Washington, but look forward to following it online and to blogging it on my new Tumblr account - 'scotfreehiv' - look out for it - coming soon!

Roy Kilpatrick United Kingdom |