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Kaiser Family Foundation Offers Live and Archived Webcast Coverage of Conference Sessions.

Posted 21 juillet 2012, 09:44 , by Guest

By Jackie Judd, Vice President and Executive Producer, Multimedia, Kaiser Family Foundation

For the last decade, the Kaiser Family Foundation has partnered with the International AIDS Society in bringing the biennial International AIDS Conference to a global audience. Starting in 2002 in Barcelona – and continuing in Bangkok, Toronto, Mexico City and Vienna – we have webcast hundreds of events from the conferences. Now, we will do the same as the conference comes back to the United States for the first time in 22 years.

The Foundation does this because we are strongly committed to serving as a source of information on national and global health issues including, of course, HIV/AIDS which is a core issue for us. Webcasting allows us to vastly extend the reach of the conference to people around the world who otherwise would not have access to these sessions. In addition to webcasting events during the week of the conference, many sessions will be packaged later and sent to organizations and communities around the world that have a continuing interest in learning about what was said and done at the conference. 

Here are some  details about what you – wherever you are – will be able to see from the conference here in Washington, D.C. KFF will be webcasting live the opening and closing sessions, as well as the plenary sessions on Monday and Tuesday. About fifty other sessions will be recorded and available throughout the week. These sessions cover a range of issues from treatment as prevention, new science, women and HIV/AIDS, the law and HIV, and much, much more. You will also find interviews with newsmakers, Jen Kates, who heads up Kaiser’s Global Health and HIV Policy team, and reporter Jon Cohen of Science magazine.

To further extend the reach of the conference, Kaiser has always allowed organizations to share the coverage that it provides. Content-sharing technology has advanced significantly since the first time we webcast the conference and this year, Kaiser offers a free widget which can be posted to websites and blogs and will automatically display the latest webcasts.  Organizations can also embed video of specific sessions directly on their websites.

Additionally, Kaiser will publish an extended version of its Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report, which will feature conference coverage and a list of the latest webcasts available each day.  Sign up to receive the email.

We hope you will turn to us for full coverage of the conference – as it is happening – and in the future. These webcasts will continue to be available in the weeks and months ahead.


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21.07.2012 18:28:48 #

Jojo Sescon, MD

Using the internet technology, social media are the best ways to intensify AIDS advocacy as well the latest evidence-based AIDS program strategies, medical breakthroughs to places in resource-limited settings! Looking forward to a more productive virtual participation and learning process!

Jojo Sescon, MD Republic of the Philippines |