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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Raise Awareness at AIDS 2012

Posted 04 juillet 2012, 08:24 , by Conference Secretariat

Recognizing that an event of this scope could have a potentially negative effect on the environment, AIDS 2012 organizers have concrete measures in place to reduce or offset this impact as much as possible.

AIDS 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures follow the IAS’s social responsibility policy, which is based on “the 4 R´s” principle of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Raise Awareness.

REDUCE the environmental impact of the conference, while supporting the local economy by:

  • offsetting carbon emissions
  • reducing the number of publications printed, and printing on recycled/FSC certified paper
  • offering hotels in walking distance to the conference venue or close to public transportation.

REUSE conference surplus, including:

  • donating material given by delegates and exhibitors to local non-profit organizations.
  • Donating leftover food to the D.C. Central Kitchen supporting the city’s homeless

RECYCLE conference waste by:

  • giving conference participants the opportunity to recycle their waste through sorting bins.


  • our greening efforts by:
    • communicating these efforts to our staff, suppliers, delegates and exhibitors by putting together a “green team” of volunteers at the conference and sending them relevant information
    • showing informative slides about the SR program during session breaks at the conference
  • HIV/AIDS issues for non-delegates by:
    • expanding our online coverage of conference issues
    • giving our volunteers access to the sessions and content of the conference
    • sending HIV-related information to our selected suppliers
    • Organizing HIV sensitivity training for local hospitality employees and the D.C. Police Department in advance of the conference

Conference organizers are working to match the impressive CSR measures put into place during the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010).

In May 2011, on behalf of all AIDS 2010 organizers, the International AIDS Society received the coveted IMEX Green Meetings Award 2011 for organizers’ efforts to incorporate economical, social and environmental aspects in to the planning and execution of the AIDS 2010.

The IMEX and GMIC judges were extremely impressed by the sheer number and scope of environmental measures used during AIDS 2010, which was rated highest on all set evaluation criteria, which included minimizing environmental impact, economic indicators, commitment to change, commitment to community, commitment to conservation, pre-event and post-event. The judges also praised AIDS 2010’s vigorous measurement reporting, an important but often overlooked element of applications for the IMEX award.

You can also contribute

The IAS will continue to organize sustainable events and we invite our delegates and partners to take part in this effort.  For AIDS 2012, you can contribute by sorting your waste, offsetting your flights and participating in the donation program. There will also be an opportunity to offset your flight in the registration area onsite.